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 Pokemon Platinum NUZLOCKE!!!!

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PostSubject: Pokemon Platinum NUZLOCKE!!!!   Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:42 am

since this forum is useless for the time being I'll use this to record my nuzlocke challenge...


starter: chimchar

*caught shinx
*caugh abra (LUCKY!!!)
*caught bidoof
*caught zubat
*caught psyduck
*caught machop
*caught shellos
*caught Beautifly
*caught Bronzor
*Luxio dies to skuntanks night slash crit (galatic bosses)
*caught Ghastly
*caught rotom
*caught gligar
*caught gible
*caught Roselia
*shellos dies to rivals stravias takedown crit.
*caught chansey
*togepi egg hatches
*caught unknown
*caught marill
* received porygon
*caught rhyhorn
*caught houndour
*caught pichu

Current Team:
-Monferno lvl 32
-porygon lvl 33
-rotom lvl 31
-Kadabra lvl 31
-Crobat lvl 31
-Blissey lvl 24

All dead pokes so far:

-luxio lvl 18
-shellos lvl 17
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Pokemon Platinum NUZLOCKE!!!!
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